Career Change…still Flipping!

I have recently moved out of the history classroom and into the role of school counselor.  I am learning so much, but didn’t feel like giving up on my flipped model of instruction for this degree.  So…after checking out how others’ do this, I have decided to continue flipping but making adjustments for a guidance curriculum.  I get the opportunity to visit teachers’ classrooms twice a grading period for grades 6 and 7.  Before I do that, I will have activities on Schoology for my students to preview and complete to better understand the guidance lesson.  I look forward to this change and welcome any input.  I plan to integrate videos, articles, discussion boards and group activities to enhance the guidance lessons.  First up, respecting our differences!

My Why, How, What…

Why—I believe that today’s students possess the capability to thoughtfully and critically understand society and create a sense of self and purpose.

How—I use 21st Century thinking techniques to flip my classroom to promote and model curiosity, accountability, and passion for one’s own learning.

What—I give students the opportunity to foster their own learning and set realistic educational and career goals that bring about life satisfaction.


These aspects of my innovation plan provide purpose. I’m not flipping my classroom for the sake of trying out new technology and seeing statistics on test scores improve. I’m flipping my classroom to give my students more of a realistic view of their part in a larger context of society. They will not be spoon-fed information their entire lives; they will need to be able to research and make decisions that are vital to their security and stability as individuals and whatever other roles they will fill in their story of life. Giving them more control over their learning, more accountability for their learning, gives them the tools to be able to guide themselves, with assistance from multiple resources, through life and be successful as human beings, as workers in a world of work, and as parts of a greater institution, such as a family.

Do my students just love to learn and jump into class discussions? Not always. John Kotter stresses that we have to win over not only their minds, which seems to be the focus in education, but we have to win over our students’ hearts too (Kotter, J., 2011). If we want change to happen in the classroom, this is essential. Flipping a classroom requires students to change.

Being in control of the pace and the structure of learning and setting goals for that process, will spill into other aspects of life than education. And that is my goal for flipping my classroom. I want my students to feel like they are not just part of the learning system, but that the learning system exists because of them, of their value. And if they can benefit from the why, how, and what, then they will be able to succeed both in education and in whatever tasks they take on in life.


Kotter, J. (2011). The heart of change.


My Learning Experience

To assess  my learning experiences (my evidence of learning assignments), please use the tabs at the top of the page.

As I move through this program, and as I continue on as an educator, I plan to update my ePortfolio regularly.  This will include blogs that I write or that I follow, additional articles I find interesting, and including more lesson plans that incorporate technology to enhance a lesson’s purpose.  I am excited now that I have finally started to understand this ePortfolio process.  I am encouraged that as I continue to use WordPress, I will learn the ins-and-outs of the program, learn how to tweek things more to my liking, and might actually get creative.  This has been a fun project, but I will admit, it was and still is a challenge.

Who Owns the ePortfolio?

Here is the question of the moment…I am creating this ePortfolio and am being graded for it, but since I own it, isn’t it correct because it’s mine?  I guess the bigger question should be, since I have put time into this and paid for my own domain, shouldn’t I be proud of it and want to go beyond a grade and truly “own” my work?  Absolutely.  Though this cannot be accomplished in a 5-week setting, I do believe that this site is going to be an on-going growth project that compels me to challenge myself, encourage others, and set an example to my students that we can take ownership of our own thoughts and abilities.